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Jose Picart

Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services

Professional Bio:

Dr. Picart currently oversees the Academic Programs and Services sub-division, and comes to DASA with a broad range of experience from across campus. Dr. Picart has many ideas for the newly merged division, including expanding the academic experience beyond the classroom by further integrating academic support services within the division’s existing co-curricular support resources.

Dr. Picart, originally from Puerto Rico, came to the United States as a child after living abroad while his father served in the military. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Picart began his military career by attending West Point Military Academy where he earned a bachelor of science in engineering. He served for a total of 28 years and obtained the rank of a Colonel. However, his interest in psychology led him to become a professor and university administrator.

Upon arriving to NC State in 2003, Dr. Picart served as the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion. During this time, he led a campaign to develop campus diversity and inclusion programs to further support the African American Cultural Center, the GLBT community, military veterans, and the growing Hispanic population. As a result of these efforts, the GLBT Center was established.

Following his work with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Picart served as the interim dean for the College of Education where he focused on combining the interests of the Friday Institute stakeholders to develop a facility that would enhance faculty research and provide service to the North Carolina Public School System. Continuing his path to provide educational enhancement within the community, Dr. Picart led outreach efforts for the university by developing a partnership with The Raleigh Promise, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project for postsecondary success.

Now as the vice provost for Academic Programs and Services, Dr. Picart is focusing on the educational enhancement of NC State’s students. In line with DASA’s goal of increasing student success rates within academics, residence life, the arts, and student development and wellness, Dr. Picart intends to work across the division to develop collaborative success resources for university students.


I³: Maximizing the Impact of STEM Outreach (MISO) through Data-Driven Decision-Making




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