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Revisiting an Outreach Mathematician

Texas Tech
Type: Article
Author(s): Jerry Dwyer and Lawrence Schovanec
Published: Notices of the AMS, 2013
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Two articles describing early experiences of an outreach mathematician and the chairperson who advocated for such a role appeared in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society in 2001 [1], [2]. Several years later, it is timely to reflect again on the evolving nature of this endeavor. The first author (Dwyer) of this essay is the outreach mathematician involved in the earlier articles. The second author (Schovanec) was the chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (M&S) at Texas Tech University (TTU) at the time that Dwyer was hired in 2003. Schovanec now serves as the interim president of TTU and previously was the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. In each of his administrative roles he has promoted outreach, engagement, and the associated reward structures within the university.


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