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UCF Showcase of Research Excellence (SURE) Posters

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Author(s): ICubed UCF project fellows
Published: Presented at: UCF Showcase of Research Excellence, 2011
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All the ICubed project fellows had to submit and present their poster at the UCF Showcase of Research Excellence (SURE). UCF SURE is an event scheduled during Research Week at UCF (first week of April of every year). During this event, UCF students, who have participated in research experiences with a faculty at UCF, have an opportunity to showcase their work to the extended UCF community (UCF faculty, administrators, other students, industry representatives, other members of the community). All 2010-2011 ICubed fellows submitted and presented their work at the 2011 UCF SURE event. The ICubed posters and a brief description of the work that they have conducted is presented here.


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