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Fisk-Vanderbilt Master’s-to-PhD Bridge Program Handout

The Fisk-Vanderbilt Master's-to-PhD Bridge Program, with more than 65 students joining since 2004, focuses on increasing the number of underrepresented minorities earning PhDs in astronomy, biology, chemistry, materials science and physics. Our program provides something truly unique-a family atmosphere-with caring mentors combined with high-level research. In the first two years of the program as students work toward the Master’s degree, they have as a Fisk University student: access to instructional and research opportunities both at Fisk and Vanderbilt, as well as full funding to cover tuition and fees, a monthly stipend, and medical insurance. We then assist with applying to a PhD program of choice, at Vanderbilt or elsewhere, making the process as seamless as possible. To date, every student who has successfully completed the Bridge program requirements has been offered admission to the Vanderbilt PhD program, and several students have chosen to continue to PhD programs at other top-flight institutions. Students in the Bridge Family, whether at Vanderbilt or elsewhere, are supported to the PhD and beyond. We provide mentorship, networking opportunities, assistance with presentations, qualifying exams, thesis and defense preparation, job talks and job placement.

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