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About Us

The NSF-I³ Resource Center was created to provide a web presence for the Innovation through Institutional Integration (I³) effort. It enables projects to share their goals, description, models, and resources with each other and with the broader STEM community. Further, it enables NSF to disseminate its solicitation, research, and achievements to current and prospective grantees, researchers, administrators, and policy makers.

The first phase of this site was launched in November 2010. The Resource Center is created and facilitated by the Center for School Reform at TERC. TERC is an education research and development, non profit, organization dedicated to improving STEM teaching and learning, located in Cambridge MA.

The I³ Resource Center will continue to develop as we learn from and with the community. . Members of I³ projects are also encouraged to provide feedback and updates to their bio information, photos, project description, highlights and related research. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact us with questions and feedback. Joni Falk, PI
Kathryn Hobbs, Co-PI
Rena Stroud, Senior Researcher