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Bonnie Bowen

Assistant Professor, Director and Co-PI ISU ADVANCE

Professional Bio:

I conduct research in behavior, ecology, evolution, and genetics of free-living animals.  I am interested in the ways that ecology and behavior affect evolutionary processes and genetic structure in natural populations.  I am currently investigating the genetic structure of populations of Mexican jays, communally nesting birds that live on sky islands in Arizona and northern Mexico.  I use several molecular genetic techniques, including mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA to assess genetic structure.

I am also using molecular genetic techniques to examine the genetic relationships among populations of freshwater mussels, a group of animals that has suffered large-scale population declines in recent years.  I am using mitochondrial DNA sequence variation to study differences among populations of Higgins’ Eye Pearlymussel, Lampsilis higginsii, an Endangered Species in the Upper Mississippi River. 

I am the Director and co-PI of the ISU ADVANCE Program.  The ISU ADVANCE Program, supported by the National Science Foundation through 2011, has as its goals:  to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers and to make Iowa State an optimal environment for all faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.