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Colette Patt

Director, Mathematical and Physical Diversity and Education Center

Professional Bio:

Colette E. Patt received her Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Studies in Education at UC Berkeley in 1995. She is the Science Diversity Programs director at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Patt also directs Berkeley’s National Science Foundation-UC Alliance for Graduate Alliance (NSF-AGEP) and The Berkeley Edge Program (BEP). BEP is a project jointly sponsored by the MK Level Playing Field Institute (MK-LPFI) and NSF-AGEP. Dr. Patt’s work focuses on increasing the diversity of the undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral populations in STEM fields at Berkeley and enhancing the long-term success in academia of people historically underrepresented in these fields. Her current research focuses on retention and advancement of students in science doctoral programs.


I³ Berkeley Science Connections Program




University of California, Berkeley

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