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Eric Wiebe

Professor of STEM Education & Senior Research Fellow at the Friday Institute

Professional Bio:

My research focuses on looking at multi-modal communication of scientific and technical information for teaching and learning and the design and evaluation of innovative uses of computing technologies in STEM instructional settings. The use of instructional technology is central to much of this work, especially through the use of multi-modal, interactive learning tools. Specific research programs include the use of intelligent tutors to support science learning in classrooms, and basic research in the how instructional technologies (including game-based learning environments) shape student engagement and learning. Since the integration of these technology tools are essential for their effective use, research is also being pursued at large scales, looking at how specific technologies influence teaching and learning at the classroom and school level and how schools and teachers could be supported to change practice in order to maximize the potential of these new technologies.


I³: Maximizing the Impact of STEM Outreach (MISO) through Data-Driven Decision-Making




North Carolina State University

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