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Joyce Yen

Program/Research Manager, ADVANCE

Professional Bio:

I am currently the Program/Research Manager of The University of Washington’s ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change. This NSF-funded center is working to improve the academic climate and advance women faculty in science and engineering.

As Program/Research Manager, I execute an array of initiatives addressing programmatic goals of the organization and sponsoring agency, namely to increase the participation of women in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics (SEM). In my role I interact with 21 target departments in the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences as well as with the broader UW community (including the Graduate School, the Provost’s Office, the Office of Minority Affairs, and other campus units), and 18 other NSF ADVANCE institutions nationwide to (1) address issues affecting women faculty, (2) spearhead efforts to advance women faculty in SEM at UW, and (3) develop accountability networks for institutional change to ensure advancement of SEM women.


Transforming Engineering Through PEERS: Building a Better Experience for Underrepresented Students




University of Washington

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