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Vita C. Rabinowitz

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Professional Bio:

Dr. Vita C. Rabinowitz is Hunter’s 11th Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Dr. Rabinowitz received her doctorate in psychology from Northwestern University and has spent her entire professional life at Hunter College.  She became a faculty member in the Department of Psychology in 1978 and was appointed to CUNY’s doctoral program in psychology in 1989.  She is a social psychologist by training.  The range of her scholarly interests includes the study of women and achievement, gender and health, methodological issues in the study of gender, and dilemmas of helping and coping with adverse outcomes.

Prior to being appointed acting provost in 2005 and named provost in 2007, Dr. Rabinowitz served as acting program head of CUNY’s Social/Personality doctoral subprogram, chairperson of the Department of Psychology, acting associate provost, and co-director of Hunter’s Gender Equity Project, which seeks to support and advance women scientists.  Before becoming an administrator, she taught and mentored thousands of undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students in psychology, and served as undergraduate advisor for psychology majors for nearly ten years.

As an administrator, Provost Rabinowitz’s priorities include re-envisioning the general education program, building a culture of assessment of student learning, enhancing graduate and professional education, strengthening Hunter’s research infrastructure, and supporting Hunter’s faculty.