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Aaniiih-Nakoda Environmental Excellence Center


The primary goals of this I³ project are to: (1) strengthen the educational effectiveness of FBC’s STEM degree programs and associated component projects through the synergistic integration of STEM research and education; and (2) broaden participation in STEM research and education among American Indians. To achieve these goals, the project will bring together five currently active environmental research and education projects under the common administrative and programmatic umbrella of the Aaniiih-Nakoda Environmental Excellence Center (ANEEC).

The ANEEC will promote connectivity and synergy among component projects in a manner that: (1) builds the intellectual capital and research capacity of the entire institution; (2) increases the effectiveness of each component project; and (3) provides students with a fully integrated STEM learning experience in which research and education are embedded in a cultural and land-based context that fosters student engagement and promotes student success.

Specifically, the ANEEC project will: (1) develop FBC’s environmental research capacity and intellectual capital through cross-disciplinary STEM faculty development efforts; (2) coordinate the administration of environmental research and education projects to enhance their educational effectiveness and efficiency; (3) infuse Aaniiih and Nakoda cultural perspectives into all environmental research and education projects; (4) create a shared framework for providing students with high-quality summer research experiences; and (5) modify curriculum to establish clear linkages between summer research experiences and academic year course offerings.

Aaniiih-Nakoda Environmental Excellence Center brings together the NSF/EHR award from TCUP, as well as other work, around the I³ integrative themes of the integration of research and education, and broadening participation.


Start: September 01, 2009
End: August 31, 2014

Project Members:


Aaniiih Nakoda College

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