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Innovation Through Institutional Integration Projects: OASIS One-Stop Academic Student Integrated System


The One-Stop Academic Student Integrated System (OASIS) at Johnson C Smith University seeks to create a comprehensive STEM achievement system designed to increase synergy and collaboration among faculty and students. OASIS combines the goals and objectives of existing projects, namely HBCU-UP, LS-AMP (with the University of Virginia), Bioinformatics (with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center), STARS Alliance (with UNC-Charlotte), the Department of Homeland Security (with Jackson State University), and the Department of Defense (HBCU/MI), and establishes an Individualized STEM Education Plan for each STEM student. The elements of this comprehensive achievement plan developed by various STEM project directors and coordinators are designed to be monitored by trained STEM coaches assigned to identified cohorts of students.

The project has four goals: the establishment of the management framework, the creation of a STEM coaching and advisement component, the implementation of an Individualized STEM Education Plan (ISEP), and the development of a STEM orientation symposium/course. Having a student success oriented conceptual framework provides for STEM faculty and students to develop opportunities for connectivity, thereby enhancing the goals of each of the funded projects and leveraging lessons learned from previous and existing awards. This framework also improves the climate for increased STEM retention rates, increased STEM graduation rates, preparedness for the global workforce, and persistence toward continued education in STEM graduate and professional disciplines.


Start: June 01, 2010
End: October 31, 2013

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Johnson C. Smith University

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