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Magdy Attia
Message Magdy
Project: Innovation Through Institutional Integration Projects: OASIS One-Stop Academic Student Integrated System
Affiliation/Institution: Johnson C Smith University
Job Title/Position: Chair, Council of Deans and Dean of STEM College
About: Dr. Magdy Attia is the Chair of the Council of Deans and the Founding Dean of the STEM College at Johnson C Smith University. Dr. Attia has a strong national and international experience in STEM education in areas of developing academic programs, designing STEM facilities and laboratories and research in the areas of microwave engineering and technology, telecommunications, imaging, and electrical and computer engineering. He is credited for founding the Technology Center and the Computer Science and Engineering Department and is currently leading the implementation of the new $25 million Science Center at JCSU which represents the execution of a new vision for STEM education.
Bonne August
Message Bonne
Project: The City Tech I-Cubed Incubator: Interdisciplinary Partnerships for Laboratory Integration
Affiliation/Institution: New York City College of Technology
Job Title/Position: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
About: Since coming to New York City College of Technology as provost in 2005, Bonne August has led a vigorous institutional transformation effort designed to broaden participation in STEM and strengthen the College's STEM programs. She has helped establish two STEM early college high schools in Brooklyn, P-TECH and City Poly, added degree programs in STEM, and supported interdisciplinary learning across the curriculum. She holds a PhD in English and American Literature and has worked extensively in rhetoric and composition.
Kathleen Bergin
Message Kathleen
Affiliation/Institution: National Science Foundation
Job Title/Position: Program Director, Division of Undergraduate Education
About: Kathleen Bergin is Program Director at the National Science Foundation. She is scientist by training and an educator by passion. Bergin spent 12 years as a chemistry, physics and biology teacher in Dougherty County, Ga., and three years in the central office. At the GA State Department of Education she served as the State Science Coordinator and State Curriculum Director. She was also Project Director for the Georgia Initiative in Mathematics and Science based at the University of Georgia. Her last position prior to coming to NSF was as the Associate Director for the Center Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing in the College of Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Michelle Borrero
Message Michelle
Project: Maximizing Yield Through Integration (MYTI): Science and Math Education in the Context of a Disposing Society
Affiliation/Institution: University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras
Job Title/Position: Assistant Professor
About: Michelle Borrero is Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras Campus. She has participated and directed several initiatives to improve K-12 students' achievement in science and math through projects that targeted the professional development of K-12 teachers. She is the Principal Investigator of the Robert Noyce's Puerto Rico Master Math Teacher Program and Co-PI and Project Director of the "Maximizing Yield through Institutional Integration Project." Her research focus is discipline-based educational research.
Sheryl Burgstahler
Message Sheryl
Project: Transforming Engineering Through PEERS: Building a Better Experience for Underrepresented Students
Affiliation/Institution: University of Washington
Job Title/Position: Director, Accessible Technology Services and DO-IT Center
About: Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler is an Affiliate Professor in the College of Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is the founder and director of the DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) and the Access Technology Centers at the University of Washington. She has secured over $50 million in external funding for DO-IT efforts that she has directed. Projects and research focus on the evidence-based practices that support the successful transition of students with disabilities to college and careers and on the application of universal design to technology, learning activities, physical spaces, and student services in educational settings. Dr. Burgstahler is lead author and editor of the book Universal Design in Higher Education: From Principles to Practice. She has taught precollege mathematics and Internet use and postsecondary mathematics, computer programming, assistive and accessible technology, and preservice/inservice courses for teachers. She is Co-PI of the UW PEERS (Promoting Equity in Engineering Relationships) project. PEERS is funded by a first-round, Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) grant from the National Science Foundation.
Karen Clay
Message Karen
Project: Enhancing Global Research and Education in STEM at Spelman College (G-STEM)
Affiliation/Institution: Spelman College
Job Title/Position: Global STEM Program Manager
About: Ms. Karen Clay, Ed.S is the Global STEM Program Manager for Enhancing Global Research and Education at Spelman College (G-STEM) whose mission is to prepare African American women within STEM disciplines to be globally engaged. Ms. Clay is a youth development leader providing systemic inquiry of complex issues surrounding the engagement of multicultural student populations in institutional settings domestically and internationally. She received her Educational Specialist in International Education; New York University, Master of Public Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Texas A & M University and now completing a Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations at Florida International University.
Herve Collin
Message Herve
Project: FIRE UP (Faculty Integration, Research, and Engagement in Urban Polynesia)
Affiliation/Institution: Kapi`olani Community College
Job Title/Position: Assistant Professor, Physics
About: Coordinator of a PEEC grant (NSF), and has been involved in the institutionalization efforts of TCUP grants initiatives through I3. Participates in Undergraduate Research activities with Community College students involving projects related to Engineering (Underwater Robotics, Cansat, solar tracking systems, NCAS (NASA), Reduced Gravity Program (NASA)), Sleep research (Pupillometry, Heart Rate Variability), and Physics (Lifter (electrokinetics), dynamics of two-body systems). Also supports annually students' participation to several national competitions (Cansat, MATE, NASA Mining Competition) and/or conferences (NCUR, SACNAS, ERN).
Melanie Cooper
Message Melanie
Project: Center for Academic and Future Faculty Excellence (CAFFE)
Affiliation/Institution: Michigan State University
Job Title/Position: Lappan-Phillips Professor
About: Melanie Cooper is the Lappan-Phillips Professor of Chemistry at Michigan State University. She received her B.S. M.S. and Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Manchester, England. Her research has focused on improving teaching and learning in large enrollment general and organic chemistry courses at the college level, and she is a proponent of evidence-based curriculum reform. She is a Fellow of the ACS and the AAAS, a member of the Leadership team for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and the National Research Council advisory Board on Science Education (BOSE).
Melissa Dagley
Message Melissa
Project: I3: The UCF Community Embraces the Knowledge-Based Economy
Affiliation/Institution: University of Central Florida
Job Title/Position: Executive Director, Initiatives in STEM
About: Melissa Dagley is the Executive Director of Initiatives in STEM at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Dagley serves as Director and Co-PI of the NSF-funded STEP 1a and 1b programs "EXCEL:UCF-STEP Pathways to STEM" and "Convincing Outstanding-Math-Potential Admits to Succeed in STEM (COMPASS)" and Co-PI for the Girls EXCELling in Math and Science and WISE@UCF industry funded women's mentoring initiatives. Through iSTEM Dr. Dagley works to promote collaborative efforts on STEM education/research by bringing together stakeholders with similar interest in STEM initiatives.
Kimberly Descoteaux
Message Kimberly
Project: Creating a Web Presence for the I3 Track
Affiliation/Institution: TERC
Job Title/Position: Center Manager, Center for School Reform
About: Kimberly Descoteaux manages the Center for School Reform at TERC, a nonprofit research and development institution aimed at improving mathematics and science teaching and learning. She is also the content manager for the professional online learning communities and
Catherine Didion
Message Catherine
Affiliation/Institution: The National Academy of Engineering
Job Title/Position: Senior Program Officer
About: Catherine Didion is a Senior Program Officer at the National Academy of Engineering. Her portfolio includes projects on engineering education, the technical workforce, and diversity. In addition to her duties at NAE, Didion is the Director of the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine and has served as Executive Director for the Association for Women in Science for fourteen years. During her tenure at AWIS, she was awarded the U.S. Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring and was PI for 17 grants. Didion has presented testimony before the US Congress and US federal agencies and was named in 2012 as one of “100 Women Leaders in STEM.” Her honors include AAAS Fellow; AWIS Fellow; Drucker Foundation Fellow; Texaco Management Institute Fellow; Secretary of the US Air Force Inaugural Environmental Civic Leaders Tour; and Certificate of Commendation and Distinguished Service, Embassy of the United States of America, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Brian Drayton
Message Brian
Project: Creating a Web Presence for the I3 Track
Affiliation/Institution: TERC
Job Title/Position: Senior Scientist
About: Brian Drayton is Co-Director of TERC's Center for School Reform. A plant conservation biologist, he has worked at TERC since 1986 in areas such as research on science teaching, life and physical science curriculum, climate change education, technology in science education, and teacher learning and communities of practice, on and off-line. Ecological research has focused on species reintroductions, floristic change in New England forests, and the population biology of an invasive species.
Joni Falk
Message Joni
Project: Creating a Web Presence for the I3 Track
Affiliation/Institution: TERC
Job Title/Position: Co-Director, Center for School Reform
About: Joni Falk co-directs the Center for School Reform at TERC, a nonprofit research and development institution aimed at improving mathematics and science teaching and learning. She is the PI of multiple NSF grants including,, and as well as other research projects aimed at studying technology infusion in K-12 settings and the implementation of inquiry-based science teaching. Her work has focused on using technology as an effective tool for knowledge generation, mentoring, dissemination, and broadening access. She has led efforts to create online professional learning communities as well as video competition platforms that have enabled graduate students to disseminate their cutting-edge science to the public at large.
Michael Feder
Message Michael
Affiliation/Institution: National Research Council, Board on Science Education
Job Title/Position: Senior Program Officer
About: Michael Feder, Ph.D., is a senior program officer for the Board on Science Education (BOSE). During his tenure with BOSE he has worked on consensus studies on broad range of issues including informal science education, K-12 science education standards, undergraduate education, federal science education programs, and K-12 engineering education. Michael also spent two years as a policy analyst at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where an interagency panel's efforts to create a strategic plan for federal support of STEM education. In addition, Michael provided the President and his senior staff accurate, relevant, and timely advice on all matters related to STEM education. Michael's area of expertise include applications of cognitive and social development theories to student learning, teacher development, research methods in education, and implications of educational research for education policy and practice. Michael earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in applied developmental psychology at George Mason University.
Joy Frechtling
Message Joy
Project: Investigating Institutional Integration and Innovation in NSF's I-cubed Activity
Affiliation/Institution: Westat
Job Title/Position: Vice President
About: Dr. Joy Frechtling, a Vice President at Westat, has extensive experience in all aspects of educational evaluation, including managing large-scale data organization and analysis efforts, study design, data analysis and interpretation, and report writing. Dr. Frechtling's areas of interest include educational program evaluation, assessment, policy analysis, educational reform, accountability, and technical assistance. She has written widely on the use of logic models and how they can be used to guide evaluation design, implementation and management.
Henry Frierson
Message Henry
Project: Catalyzing institutional change in STEM education at the University of Florida
Affiliation/Institution: University of Florida
Job Title/Position: Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School
About: Henry T. Frierson is Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Florida, and serves as a co-PI on the I-Cubed project at the University of Florida. He received his PhD in educational psychology from Michigan State University. Before coming to the University of Florida, he spent 33 years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel before coming to the University of Florida in his current position.
Tirupalavanam Ganesh
Message Tirupalavanam
Project: Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3): The Modeling Institute
Affiliation/Institution: Arizona State University
Job Title/Position: Assistant Dean, Engineering Education
About: Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh, PhD., is assistant dean for Engineering Education in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and associate research professor at the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport, and Energy at Arizona State University. His current research is in designing, implementing, and studying engineering education curricula in K-12 and undergraduate settings.
Ann Gates
Message Ann
Project: I3: A Cyberinfrastructure and Communication-Based Model to Foster Innovation that Broadens Participation in STEM Fields through Inst. Integration
Affiliation/Institution: University of Texas at El Paso
Job Title/Position: Professor and Chair
About: Dr. Ann Q. Gates is Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at El Paso. Gates directs the NSF-funded Cyber-ShARE Center that focuses on developing and sharing resources through cyber-infrastructure to advance research and education in science. In addition, she leads the Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI) and is a founding member of the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT).
Gregory Goins
Message Gregory
Project: EBEE: Enhancing Bioscience and Engineering Education through Curriculum Integration and Research Experiences in Systems Biology
Affiliation/Institution: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Job Title/Position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology
About: Dr. Gregory Goins is an Associate Professor of Biology at the North Carolina A&T State University. Also he is a former Program Director at the National Science Foundation in the Division of Undergraduate Education, EHR Directorate. In 2013, he was recognized as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the College of Arts and Sciences at NC A&T. Prior to joining NC A&T, he conducted research in the Space Biology Laboratories at NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida. At Kennedy Space Center, Goins received the prestigious Spaceflight Awareness Honoree Award for his contributions to develop advanced plant nutrient delivery and lighting systems for long-duration space travel. This work was instrumental for numerous successful outer-space plant growth experiments on Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.
Kathryn Hobbs
Message Kathryn
Project: Creating a Web Presence for the I3 Track
Affiliation/Institution: TERC
Job Title/Position: Senior Researcher
About: Kathryn Hobbs is a Senior Researcher in the Center for School Reform at TERC. Her work has focused on the research and development of community-based websites for several educational constituencies funded by NSF including the MSP, IGERT, and I3 programs. Currently, she serves as CoPI of as well as the content manager and community outreach coordinator for, an interactive collegial network and resource center. In this role, she has also served as a facilitator for the online IGERT Video and Poster Competitions.
Sylvia James
Message Sylvia
Affiliation/Institution: National Science Foundation
Job Title/Position: Division Director, Human Resource Development (HRD)
About: Sylvia M. James is the Director of the Division of Human Resource Development (HRD) in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR). As Division Director, she oversees a $129 million budget and a talented team of 25 scientific and administrative professionals. The mission of HRD, as exemplified by its seven longstanding programs, is to contribute to the creation of "…a well-prepared and competitive workforce of scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians, and educators that reflects the diversity of the U.S. population."
Paul Wyn Jennings
Message Paul
Affiliation/Institution: National Science Foundation
Job Title/Position: Program Director
About: I am a program officer in the AISL program wherein we support out of school learning. Formerly, I was a Professor of Chemistry at Montana State University.

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